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Sydney man slain by co-workers after saying “Marge, the rains are here” non-stop for a month
NSW Police have detained the entire office staff of an inner-city promotions company after the murder of IT worker Michael
Trump promotes equality by spending International Women’s Day grabbing his own genitals
FOR the second time in a month Donald Trump has been hailed by conservative pundits as ‘Presidential’ after he announced
PETA petition Jacqui Lambie to change surname to promote animal welfare
"Maybe we’re joking, maybe we’ve completely lost touch with how activism works – but it's definitely not about being desperate for attention."
Government floats ‘Nuggets & Nutella’ tax after medical cannabis imports approved
If approved, the tax will see a significant increase in the price of fast food, Nutella, eye drops and bubble wrap, among other items
Liberal party grooming ‘Cash me ousside, howbow dah?’ girl for 2019 election
And she might just be a big boost to... whoever is leading the party in two years time
Super Bowl LI for dummies, by dummies
Everything you need to know to get you to half-time, then who cares?
Printing error sees thousands of drunken sports fans gather to see ‘Superb Owl’
"It's been a great day, except for all the vomit"
Turnbull changes Facebook relationship status, posts emo memes following Trump phonecall
JUST days after ‘standing by his man’ in refusing to criticise the United States’ new immigration policy, Malcolm Turnbull has
School year off to bad start as teacher nurses massive long weekend hangover
The kids weren't the only ones learning a lesson. Actually, they didn't learn one at all.
Family brands mum ‘Unaustralian’ for picking wrong animal carcass to eat on Australia Day
Following an investigation, Ms Stoop will promptly be sent to Manus Island
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