Families in Gaza begin work on suspicious photoshop pic in hopes to get the media worrying about their wellbeing

Following days of wall-to-wall coverage of the photoshopped photo of Kate Middleton and her kids, a family in Gaza has decided to try make their own suspiciously photoshopped image in the ruins of their house in hopes to get international media to start caring about their wellbeing.

“Like everyone we are really concerned for the princess,” said the mother of the family while hoping the aid truck will actually be allowed in today, “I heard she went in for abdominal surgery. Doing so at a time like this is terrifying, I mean I assume she had no anaesthetic. I just pray that the hospital she was in wasn’t bombed.”

When asked about the decision to try and make her own terrible photoshop of her family, she explained that desperate times called for desperate measures and hoped that she could trick the world into thinking what is happening to thousands of families where she is might also be worth focusing on.

“It was hard to find a laptop with photoshop on it in the refugee camp,” she explained, “but luckily one of the few remaining journalists who haven’t been killed by the IDF said we could use her one.”

“Using the program has been a real learning experience, which is great because the kids haven’t learned anything in months because their school was destroyed.”

She went on to explain that her dream would be to not only get the world’s media to start caring, but also maybe even world leaders.

“We recently had our visas to Australia cancelled for no reason, but maybe if we do this the Australian government will realise we are just as human as the Royal Family they bend over backwards to bring to Australia. And unlike them, we would actually enjoy being in the country.”

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