Hubbl ads quickly becoming the worst thing the Murdoch family has ever done

Calls for a Royal Commission into the Murdoch empire have once again reignited, this time specifically targeting the onslaught of really annoying ads for ‘Hubbl’.

Hubbl, a product which can connect to a smart tv to give it the ability to do what smart tv’s can already do without a hundred dollar added device, went on the market recently bringing with it an onslaught of never ending frustrating ads for the product.

“This has to be the worst thing the Murdoch family has ever done,” said Grace from Canberra after seeing four Hubbl ads in a row while trying to scroll TikTok, “I get that they’ve hacked the phone of a deceased child, destabilised democracies and ruthlessly spread lies to try discredit anyone wanting to make the world a better place… but these fucking terrible ads just never seem to end.”

“It’s not like I’m ever going to consider buying that garbage, my tv already does it and there a million other products that do the same thing that aren’t made by the company that can’t even keep Kayo Sports up long enough to watch a full game.”

“No amount of annoying ads with the guy from Lego Masters and that other guy who used to be on tv will change that they are about 10 years too late to make this product. It’s like they are trying to torture me with these ads until I submit and buy it to stop the pain. PLEASE, JUST MAKE IT STOP!!!!”

Mental health experts have advised all Australians to attempt to limit their social media use and try going outside instead, “normally this advice would be because of how toxic social media can be, but now it is purely for the benefit of not having any sponsored Hubbl posts popping up in front of you.”

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