Bruce Lehrmann achieves goal of losing title of ‘alleged rapist’

Bruce Lehrmann has secured exactly what he wanted in defamation court today as the ruling will mean no one will refer to him as an ‘alleged rapist’ anymore.

This change comes as Justice Lee said in his ruled that on the balance of probabilities, Bruce Lehrmann raped Brittany Higgins. In a case that former Attorney General Christian Porter has labelled an embarrassing step-down from Channel 10.

“Mr Lehrmann just wanted the truth to be out there,” said his lawyer, “and with this verdict that has been achieved.”

“So while some may say that he completely embarrassed himself by pushing for an unnecessary case with the level of entitlement that the sort of man who would be described by a judge as having an indifference to consent, we prefer to see this as a massive win and money well spent.”

The news has been tragic to a Sydney based cocaine dealer who was planning to put down a deposit on a yacht if Lehrmann managed to get a massive payout.

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