Aussie social media user suffers through second day of unfunny April Fools posts

Aussies on social media are experiencing even more despair than usual today as they suffer through a second consecutive day of terrible April Fools posts.

“Who knew doom scrolling could get worse?” said Hannah from Sydney. “Normally you at least get rewarded scrolling social media by the occasional funny post, but now those have been replaced with people just saying things that aren’t true or worse, posts social media managers from big brands trying to be funny. Two days of this is far too long, I can’t go through this every year!”

“The second day is always the hardest. See we not only are we dealing with the painful lack of humour that exists with marketing departments and brand social media managers, but you then factor in American senses of humour. It’s a combination that seems tailor made for misery.”

“We need intervention to stop the spread of these posts and limit them to one day. We should just ban time zones at this point, and maybe even criminalise brand accounts on social media all together. The suffering must end.”

Many Aussies have taken desperate measures to combat the flood of unfunny posts for their own wellbeing. With some people working from home even trying to find more work to do just so they can avoid opening a social media app.

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