‘Australians have had a gutful of divisive politics’ says guy who made a career out of attacking First Nations people, African migrants, Muslim groups, Refugees, same-sex marriage…

Leader of Opposing and alleged ‘Not a Monster’ Peter Dutton has slammed the Albanese government, claiming that “The Australian people have had a gutful of the politics of division”.

“What ever happened to Australians standing together?” asked the man who walked out of the national apology to the Stolen Generation. “This division has the power to hurt regular Aussie families who could otherwise be blindly supporting the bombing of Middle-Eastern families.”

“Not everything has to be an us verse them battle,” said the man who demanded the platforming of homophobic musicians for ‘balance’, “it’s like I’ve always said when attacking refugees, Muslim groups, African migrants, unemployed people, equality advocates, Pacific Island Nations, victims of sexual violence and many many more; a true leader should be bringing people together not trying to capitalise on causing more pain.”

“If you look at the damage caused to regular families, I would say the protests from the last 6 months have been worse than any mass shooting. Some people clearly just don’t care about how their words could be upsetting to those affected by tragedies.”

“This is the most pain the woke mob have caused since they said that I shouldn’t have praised the Australian Catholic Church’s top pedophile enabler at his funeral.”

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