Defiant Nikki Haley campaign refuses to quit, “we have tonnes of support from our voter”

Republican hopeful Nikki Haley has put out a statement saying she will not resign yet from the Republican Nominee race despite getting absolutely smashed by Home Alone 2 star Donald Trump.

“I will not go away easily,” said a defiant Haley, “my campaign is one of hope. Literally it’s the only thing we have.”

“We also have strong support from a voter. And we will not let Dale down by pulling out of this campaign early.”

“With policies like invading Mexico and declaring the entire country of China as a terrorist organisation, I will continue to try and out ‘Donald Trump’ Donald Trump. And you will soon see a big swing going my way, maybe even getting as high as a 4% of the vote in this two person race.”

In response to the results at every primary, concerned parents have called for a mercy rule to be instituted in the Republican Party system. “I would hate for my child to lose this badly in basketball, it’s only fair that this sort of rule is added to the primaries too. It’s just sad to watch unfold.”

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