Palestinian parents declare Gaza a ‘comedy show’ in hopes to get Aussie media demanding protection for their babies

Following the ongoing war between Arj Barker and a baby at his comedy show, concerned Palestinian parents have moved to get Gaza designated as a ‘comedy show’ in the hopes to get Aussie media to demand the protection of their babies.

“We understand the trauma of being told to leave somewhere with a baby,” said the mother, “I mean just the other day we were yelled at to leave the hospital we were being treated in because it was about to be blown up. So we get why Australian media have spent a full day focusing on the tragedy that happened at the comedy club.”

“The baby on the news was crying for a very short time, but ours have been crying for 200 days. That is a really long time, it would completely ruin a stand up comedy set. I mean not as much as the months of non-stop bombings and slaughter, but clearly this is the worst thing to happen to someone so we really hope that Australia’s media realises that while we are being shot and killed, our babies aren’t able to watch stand-up comedy either.”

“Of course these situations aren’t one to one, instead of a crowd of men joining in to bully the mother, we just have bombs sent at us. And where Barker seemed to not want to continue hearing the cries of a baby, the IDF have no problem hurting crying babies.”

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