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“I supported firing Holgate because it is not my job to oppose” says opposition leader
'Why didn't the Greens stop the PM?'
“We are not trying to stop NDIS funding” claims government who created a task force designed to stop NDIS funding
It's just 'cost cutting', by finding ways to cut all costs entirely
PM denies gender bias in Holgate firing, “we didn’t jizz on her desk, so it can’t be sexist”
'Jenny never said anything about it at the time so...'
Youtuber Jake Paul to join Liberal Party front bench
'We thought he was perfect before the allegation came out" said
“Tucker Carlson wasn’t accidentally racist, we hired him to be intentionally racist” Lachlan Murdoch
He is a good journalist, unless you sue then he is a satirical character
PM announces vaccine rollout will begin “sometime in the near… hey what’s that behind you?”
"Anyway it's getting pretty chilly lately don't you think?" asked the
Kerry Stokes sues Ben Roberts-Smith’s backyard for defamation
Ben R-S has allegedly threatened to kill the backyard
“We know Prince Philip was racist, that’s why we loved him” says PM
He was heroically unapologetic to the races he hated
PM announces he has ‘secured’ a coffee from a cafe
No confirmation yet on whether the cafe has accepted the order
PM announces new AstraZeneca vaccine rollout exclusively for women
'Lads let's be gentlemen and just wait for a different vaccine'
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