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Trump bans testing in schools in order to wipe out illiteracy
"Everyone's a genius now!"
ABC relocates to marginal electorate in hopes to get money from the government
"All new shows will be based in women's changerooms."
Lawmakers bravely protest against themselves in hopes that someone will change the laws
If only someone could do something
Gal Gadot brings celebrities together for a touching rendition of NWA’s ‘Fuck Tha Police’
Dutton cancels viagra prescription after seeing video of police shooting journalists
"God, that's the good stuff."
Minneapolis riots solved after Kendall Jenner offers protesters a Pepsi
"Turns out that was all that was needed"
Amazing: Disney has finally defrosted Walt, and he was immediately cancelled online
Welcome back you monster
Labor bolsters election hopes by recruiting Steven Bradbury as new leader
We can still do it
2GB unveils AFTA CEO will replace Alan Jones after Tracy Grimshaw comments
"He's the perfect fit"
USA steps up fight against Covid-19 by invading an oil-rich Middle Eastern country
Turns out the invisible enemy is Iraq
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