Scott Morrison becomes relatable to nation after revealing that he was anxious as fuck thanks to Scott Morrison’s prime ministership

For the first time in recorded history, Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison has made himself relatable to the Australian public by revealing he too was nervous about Scott Morrison being Prime Minister.

The former Prime Minister revealed that he experienced anxiety after running the entire country proved to be a bit stressful, but was comforted by the fact he wasn’t alone.

“If only I knew the way to relate to the Australian people was admitting I wasn’t sure about this guy running the country, I wouldn’t have to pretend to be a welder or a hairdresser or anything like that.”

“I had no idea mental health was such an issue, all the other men in politics I talk to respond with a stern ‘I’m fine thanks’ when I ask them if everything is okay. To think some people are walking around dealing with the same anxiety as me.”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has responded, announcing an additional $4 million for MPs to access mental health services, “my government will ensure that no one, whether you’re an elected MP or a Senator will have to struggle with stress or mental health.”

*If your mental health has been affected by Scott Morrison, support options are available from Google and from not voting people like him in.

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