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Government hides evidence of failed NBN rollout by storing it on NBN servers
"They'll never find it!"
Albanese finally stands up to Morrison! Wait no, he just wanted to fix the PM’s tie
"I would hate for anything to make Scomo look bad."
Morrison defends airport overspending saying he “paid mates rates”
"What’s $27m between mates?"
Miranda Devine hires Youtuber to help her fake a sincere apology
"This is the hardest video I've ever made"
Berry farmer offering fuck all for job in middle of nowhere can’t find employees for some reason
What possible reason could a parent who lost their job recently not want to take up this opportunity
Woman who makes living promoting diet pills boycotts Insta over misinformation
"Only I may lie on social media"
Melbourne women unsurprised to hear man who wanted to ‘eat out’ now refuses to
"And no, just having sausage served with potatoes at your place is not ‘good enough’"
New fan theory suggests JK Rowling is the real villain of Harry Potter
Nobody is shocked
Angus Taylor worried his lobbying for gas might upset his mates over at the coal lobby
We want to harness the energy released by forests, wildlife and houses when they are burning down during bushfires
News Corp decides police brutality is bad now that it’s happening to white people
"These specific people should be allowed to gather in large numbers"
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