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Coles debuts new “Down Down Wages Are Down” tv advert
Coles corporation has today rushed out a new advertising campaign, highlighting the low, low prices of staff at their local
Exclusive: Union victim George Calombaris recalls the horrific tale of paying his employees
"It was horrible"
Morrison ejected from Australia Day ceremony for flouting dress code with Hawaiian Shirt
"It was an honest mistake"
Prince Harry ready to return to royal duties after wrapping up first day as Tesco shelfpacker
"Bloody hell, work sure is a lot of work!"
Local man immediately regrets putting on ugly Christmas sweater in 40 degree heat
Happy heatstroke!
Local woman disappointed she didn’t get the new Prime Minister she wanted for Christmas
"Aw, chocolate again."
PM promotes Scott Cam to the head of the new Arts, Roads and Rails department
"We couldn't think of a better candidate"
Scott Morrison Announces Plan to Outlaw the Phrase “Ok Boomer”
"these comments are targeted attacks on the best types of Aussies"
“’Untitled Goose Game’ Will Teach Young Geese to be Criminals” Claim Worried Parents
"Who knows what kind of violence this will inspire in birds."
Lindsay Lohan wins acting award for pretending to know who anyone on Masked Singer is
"Wow... I can't believe it was... Micky Webster!"
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