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Taken too soon: Ivan Milat dies at 74 before every Australian had a chance to kick him in the groin
"The county is in mourning"
Reporter exposes airport security loophole by blowing up 747
The 'News of the World' reporter's attempts to breach Britain's airport security proved a complete success
Man carefully arranges bedside novels before big date
A 25-year-old Melbourne student spent more than three hours last night painstakingly choosing which novels to leave beside his bed,
Suicidal whale constantly frustrated by hippies
“The ocean is a very big place on your own."
God dismisses gambling-related prayer
Local man Clive Deville says the event has shaken his faith "in the entire Judeo-Christian ethos."
Blog abandoned after five entries
"Sorry I've been so slack lately"
LinkedIn executive presents moving PowerPoint eulogy at mother’s funeral
A PR manager from leading corporate networking site LinkedIn yesterday delivered a moving presentation at his mother’s funeral, utilising the
Apathy builds for start of A-League season
SYDNEY, Saturday: Interest in the soon to begin Hyundai A-League season is “lukewarm and cooling”. That was the optimistic message
Strip club less classy than ad promised
"They didn't say anything about the tacky modern art prints or cheap carpet that's obviously designed to hide vomit stains."
Millennials flood housing market after EFTPOS outage leaves them unable to buy smashed avo
Housing crisis solved
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