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American government cures all cancer by not testing for it
"It's a miracle"
Government sets up royal commission into anyone who John Howard ever called a good bloke
Crime rates have plumeted
Churchill only racist by the standards of whether someone is racist
Times were different
Pauline Hanson bill fails after she insists on only using white ink
" " said Ms Hanson
Police cutbacks take effect: Organised crime plummets
From the archives
Chris Lilley attempts to sneak back onto Netflix after donning genius disguise
Still got some face paint left over from Jonah!
Government streamlines stimulus by paying tradie grants directly into Queen of the Nile
It's much more efficient.
Struggling boomer spending HomeBuilder grant on conservatory for his conservatory
We all need one
Australian Government reassures Chinese tourists: ‘Don’t worry, we’re racist to everyone’
It's equal opportunity discrimination
Police deny racism, claim murder of black man was just hundreds of isolated incidents
"It was just 500 bad apples."
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