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Harry and Meghan announce completion of their one millionth interview about how they just want their privacy
The interview was about how they can't get a break from interviews
Trump: I did not lose my Twitter access, I won it by a landslide
The President said he needed access to Twitter, mainly to fire his defense secretaries
The Chaser Report – Ep 37 – Christmas Eve Special
Recorded specially on Christmas Eve!
The Chaser Report – Ep 36 – Coal Lotta Christmas
Anyone wanna buy some coal
T2 box to be re-gifted for third Christmas in a row
"This will be the perfect gift for someone I know nothing about."
The Chaser Report – Ep 35 – A Midsummer Night’s Vaccine
At least William Shakespeare has been given the vaccine
The Chaser Report – Ep 34 – Happy F Day!
What an F of a day!
The Chaser Report – Ep 33 – Trump Wins Election (as long as you don’t count all the votes)
The Chaser Report – Ep 32 – The Man with 8880 Toilet Rolls
Covid already seen everything interesting in Adelaide, now wondering what to do
It has exhausted its options just hours after arriving there
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