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Albanese pledges bi-partisan support for Liberal Party branch-stacking
"I've got a few tricks they might not know."
Shock that the Victorian Liberal Party is worth stacking
Why would you bother
The Chaser Report – Ep 19 – The Flight to Planet B
We plan an escape to another planet as Nina looks at diversity on Australian tv (spoiler: there isn’t much), Dom
Liberal Party rushes out commemorative ‘25 million Australians vaccinated’ mug
We had a few 'back in black' mugs left over
The Chaser Report – Ep 18 – Wet Ass Podcast
Ben Shapiro would not approve of this podcast
Fears Harris candidacy a ‘trojan horse’ that may allow a non-rapist to end up as President
It is rare for the presidency to be occupied by someone who treats women with respect
Confused Trump can’t decide between sexism and racism as best way to attack Kamala Harris
Why not both
The Chaser Report – Ep 17 – A message from Professor Trump
That's science!
Team of Sydneysiders deployed to Melbourne to help them live in city with no nightlife
"We had to act fast."
The Chaser Report – Ep 16 – Karendemic Alert
Alert! Alert!
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