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Oniongate – How it happened
Bunnings stores have banned onions from being on top on the sausage sizzles. Here is a chilling audio documentary about how it all unfolded on one fateful day last September
Voters shocked to learn that Luke Foley was invited to a party
People with knowledge of the situation said that Luke Foley had always been someone who you'd "accidentally" leave off the list whenever there was a social gathering happening
The Daily Telegraph to trial ‘news’ section
"Fuck it, you gotta try everything once."
Mark Latham is a Chaser stunt
It's true. Mark Latham is The Chaser's first, and possibly, greatest stunt
Scott Morrison euthanised on track after fall in polls
Morrison fell sharply in the polls stewards the most humane course of action was to bring in the curtains
Steve Smith defects to Canada permanently: “at least they know how to play cricket”
In a shock announcement, Steve Smith has announced that he will be staying in Canada permanently, because "at least the cricketers here know how to bat."
Why would anyone bomb all those traitors who deserve a painful death? asks Trump in stirring speech
Donald Trump has delivered a stirring oration to his nation, asking why anyone would even think of bombing his political opponents, whom he hates with a violent passion
Stock market plunges: government blames Malcolm Turnbull
"The brutal truth is that if Malcolm Turnbull had stuck around and won the ballot that I won, then we wouldn't be in this mess," the current Prime Minister told reporters
John Howard finds out who the current Prime Minister is
Former Prime Minister John Howard found out this afternoon that Scott Morrison is the Prime Minister, after he attended a campaign meet-and-greet with Wentworth candidate for the Liberal Party David Sharma
Want advertise in Sydney? Call Alan… (VIDEO)
We decided to test out what the Prime Minister has called "The Biggest Billboard in Town"