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Holden: A tale of under-warranty car repairs
In honour of Holden's announcement that it would shutting down in Australia, here is a nostalgic look at the history of this never-great Australian company
Coalition MP doesn’t see any irony that the best way to spread anti-ABC message is by getting on the ABC
“The ABC has lost its audience, and the best way to get that message out there is to get a good run on the ABC, because it reaches the most people,” he said without any trace of irony
MPs flee as Keith Pitt brings lump of uranium into parliament
"Don't be afraid. Don't be scared. It's just a lump of highly radioactive uranium."
David Warner denies sandpapering Allan Border medal shortly before win
“I ask my accusers — am I the sort of person who would tamper with something just for the sake of winning? Is that really in my character?”
Angus Taylor releases new letter from AFP clearing him of Cayman Islands corruption
"Here at the AFP we can’t find any evidence at all that you’re in anyway dodgy or corrupt," the letter said. "Good on you. Keep it up. You’re a legend."
Democrats regret appointing Peter Dutton to count the votes in Iowa ballot
“I’m not even sure he understands the numbering system.”
Barnaby Joyce regrets getting Dutton to do his numbers for him
Mr Joyce said he wanted to re-enter the leadership in order to spend "less time with the family"
Secret rort report says Morrison deserves an immediate holiday for being such a top bloke, claims Morrison
“I’m a real stickler for the rules so I suppose I’m just going to have to follow the recommendations.”
Scott Morrison brings lump of coronavirus into parliament
Mr Morrison noted Australia was on track to curb the impact of coronavirus by
Morrison on Sydney climate fires: “There’s nothing to see here”
"I can see no evidence for climate change, or anything else for that matter."
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