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Morrison solves vaccine debacle by ordering 20 million extra prayers
The prayers will be aimed at solving the difficult logistical problems
German/Greek immigrant family concerned about whether their great grandson is English enough
Everyone knows it was Prince Phillip
New CABINETSafe App to allow you to track whether you’ve been in contact with an alleged rapist
If you come in contact with a member of Cabinet, immediately sanitise your hands
Universal buys Bob Dylan songs for $400m, only to discover Spotify costs $10.99 a month
It’s Trump’s right to not pay tax on Russian bounties, say Republicans
"The Republican Party is the party of low taxes"
Private school boys expelled after being caught not minimising tax
"It goes against the values of this school"
Frydenberg confirms Australia in recession, Daniel Andrews to blame
The real villian here is the Premier of Victoria
Thousands volunteer to become Australia Post executives to help clear backlog of bonuses
I've always been good at sitting around
Daily Mail unaffected by Facebook ban on original news reporting
“It is outrageous to expect us to pay for content we use,” said Facebook
Calls for China to release Australian journalist and arrest Andrew Bolt instead
"Wait till he gets a taste of Xi Jinping"
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