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An Angry Middle-Aged Man’s Guide to Greta Thunberg
Are you angry at Greta Thunberg? Do you find yourself enraged that a 16 year old girl would have the temerity to ask adults to listen to the science? This guide is for you
Announcing National Sickie Day 2019
Help raise awareness for sickies and chuck a sickie on Friday 28th June
Tomic the Tank Engine can’t be bothered to go up mildly steep hill
Following Bernard Tomic's first round defeat in the French Open, a new episode of Tomic the Tank Engine has been released
World in mourning as it learns that Doris Day was still alive but is now dead
The extremely old actress starred in classic movies most of which have already lapsed out of copyright, including the original Jurassic Park, which was, back then, a nature documentary
Is this the attack ad that will win it for Scott Morrison?
Bill Shorten wants to increase the wages of child care workers. But where will it stop? Next thing, he'll be trying to increase your wages. Don't risk it!
PM’s campaign off to a rocky start after he demands battery be removed from his ComCar
"That'll show Labor that batteries in cars are a stupid idea," a smirking Morrison told reporters
Attention readers! Your help is needed.
Our audio producer / genius -- Brendan "BT" Tacey -- is in the running to be declared the best in the world. Yes. IN THE WORLD. But we need your help
Strike kids should be in school, learning how to count coal lobby donations, says PM
He said kids should instead be in school, learning important skills, such as maths. "I use maths every day to count up the amount of donations I get from the coal lobby.”
Replica Endeavour seized by Australian Border Force: crew detained on Nauru
The Prime Minister said the crew of recent NIDA graduates dressed in 18th century garb, would be detained on Nauru indefinitely. 
Mueller begs White House to stop committing crimes so he can wrap up his investigation
Mr Mueller said it was having a genuine impact on his enthusiasm for bringing down the President. "I took this case on because it was a simple open and shut case of treason. But there are just so many other, extra crimes, it's becoming a real bore. 
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