Nation asks Jenny to have one of her chats with Albo about whether it’s ok to make feminist rally organisers cry

Australians around the country have been seen begging amateur therapist Jenny Morrison to come out of retirement in order to have one of her famous chats with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese after he reportedly lied about one of the organisers of the No More rallies against male violence, before rolling his eyes when she called out his lie and started crying.

“You know these concepts of empathy and human interactions are tricky for powerful men,” said one voter, “where the rest of us see marches against male violence as an opportunity to listen to experts and survivors, these blokes just see an opportunity for a photo-op and to praise themselves. But don’t worry, Jenny can handle it, I hear she has a way of explaining these things.”

Jenny Morrison was seen entering Albanese’s office earlier today, while we don’t know what was said, one passer-by did hear Jenny yell “Yes, you didn’t say anything about shooting the protesters, but that is not the fucking bar!!!”

Insiders suggest that panicked Labor staffers have begun tearing up the Prime Minister’s office hoping to find the card for the high paid empathy consultant Scott Morrison hired for his photo-ops.

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