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Can this picture of a majestic bin chicken out rate the Today show?
The answer is almost certainly yes
Breakfast TV perfect place for a bit of casual racism, report nation’s blonde women
"What could go wrong"
15 year old burger flipper excited to add “White House Chef” to CV
"I'm not sure if it'll help or hinder me"
Dyslexic child stays up on Christmas Eve waiting for Satan
He can't wait to meet "the magic red man who punishes bad kids"
Family Christmas cancelled after argument about whether it’s Yanni or Laurel Wreath
"I hear both"
Hungry Jacks $4 internships to provide youth with valuable experience in getting fucked over by large corporations
"You can't buy this kind of experience. Well, maybe for $4 an hour you can."
Local man spends entire conversation trying to remember other person’s name
"I know it started with an A... or an F"
15 minutes of study rewarded with 2 hour Netflix binge
"I've earned it"
News Corp editor dies of joy after realising they can use the headline “strawberry needler needled”
"Walkley award here I come"
Local suit having rough time deciding between ‘protesting horse cruelty’ or ‘free office lunch’
I'll just go but I won't enjoy it
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