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Jetstar CEO forced to sit on floor after overbooking family couch
It happen despite him having bagsed a spot earlier in the day.
BREAKING: Everything
"Jesus Christ what now."
Oxford dictionary redefines 1.5m to ‘right next to each other’ citing popular use
"Clearly there's a hidden meaning"
Quarantine extended by 2 weeks to allow everyone to grow out their DIY haircuts
"It's for the national good"
Nation’s wedding planners surprised by the number of bootcamp themed receptions
"It's suddenly very popular"
Government rushes to upgrade the Windows 95 box running NBN, MyGov, and Centrelink
"It's getting overloaded!"
Millennials agree to stop going out if Boomers agree to stop pumping carbon into the atmosphere
Everybody wins
Nation hit with worst disaster yet as they’re forced to deal with Centrelink
"Oh god, we're doomed"
Scott Morrison reveals $17 billion stimulus package for marginal electorates
"Election, I mean economy fixed!"
Liberal party shocked to see individuals putting themselves ahead of the interests of others
"That's completely unlike you people!"
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