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War criminal George W. Bush moves to distance himself from Ellen
I cannot stand by someone who would torture others
Man that has always called kids too soft now throwing tantrum about wearing a bit of cloth
"This is the worst thing I've ever experienced"
US bans Chinese social media app for acting too much like an American social media app
"They are stealing your data. That's our job."
James Murdoch resigns to spend less time with family
He will still be accepting his weekly pocket money from dad
Morrison in talks with Cricket Australia to end pandemic
"Come on boys, you can do it!"
Professional psychic fails to predict Today show would cut off her mic
"I did not see that coming" 
Covid wins over Liberal Party by moving to Potts Point
"It's one of us now"
Police forced to release all criminals after learning they do not consent to being arrested
"Damn, they got us"
BLM protestors arrested after forgetting to declare they are a “Living Woman”
"You can't arrest me, I don't consent to it!"
“Masks make it hard to breathe!” complains woman who’ll soon need a machine to breathe
"It's freedom to have my lungs full of fluid"
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