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News Corp journo blasts inner-city latte drinkers, before popping out of inner Sydney office for a cappuccino
"Thank god for true blue rural Aussies like me"
Trudeau checks with staff if he can do blackface now that he’s in a minority
"It's okay now right?"
Local man saves crucial seconds by standing in train door while people are trying to get off
"Worth it"
Daily Telegraph to blank out every future edition due to popular demand
"It'll really cut down on costs"
Trump rushed off stage after Secret Service spot man carrying photo of John McCain
"That was a close one!"
Trump warns Turkish President to end conflict with Kurds or he will be forced to tell on him to his dad
"I didn't want it to come to this"
Sad day for music fans: Coldplay confirm they have not disbanded
Music fans worldwide are reportedly devestated
“Lies are hurting my presidency!” complains guy who claimed Obama was muslim from Kenya
"Anyone who lies about a President should be impeached for treason," said Trump before being dragged away by police
Every movie to be about evil clowns by 2030
"Every male actor over the age of 20 will be required to play the joker at least once."
Tragic: Local woman freezes to death after leaving leg outside blanket for too long
Witnesses say it was just lucky her foot wasn't eaten by some kind of a boogey monster
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