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Local man spends entire conversation trying to remember other person’s name
"I know it started with an A... or an F"
15 minutes of study rewarded with 2 hour Netflix binge
"I've earned it"
News Corp editor dies of joy after realising they can use the headline “strawberry needler needled”
"Walkley award here I come"
Local suit having rough time deciding between ‘protesting horse cruelty’ or ‘free office lunch’
I'll just go but I won't enjoy it
“I don’t like Halloween because it’s American” says man blasting rock in his Ford on the way to Maccas
We should be celebrating true blue Australian holidays, like the birthday of the British monarch
Every student in Australia comes out as gay, after learning it will get them out of school
"Worth it."
Melbourne to build their own Opera House just so they can be smug about not putting ads on it
"Take that Sydney"
Liberals announce $150 million plebiscite to decide if gay kids should be allowed in schools
"It's the only way to know"
Sydney Opera House to be shut down following noise complains
"Neighbours have had enough"
NSW Government orders Opera House to install pokies after realising it could turn a quick buck
"To think we've been wasting all that space on the arts."