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Sydney Rail suggests passengers can avoid further delays by moving to a better city
"The express line to Melbourne is reportedly inundated with Sydney passengers."
Permanently Updating George Pell’s Commemorative Plaque
Returning George Pell's Plaque with super glue The Catholic Church denied we updated George Pell's plaque despite the overwhelming evidence.
NSW drops abortion legalisation in favour of just making young people wish they were dead
"We're taking the more subtle route."
Updating George Pell’s Commemorative Plaque
Updating George Pell's commemorative plaque We visited St Marys Cathedral this afternoon and noticed a plaque was in serious need
Coroner confirms Epstein committed suicide by repeatedly shooting self in back of head
"He then fled the scene on foot"
Olympics to introduce new sport of opening microwave door just before beeping starts
Competitors will be marked on their ability to not wake the judges
400,000 Brits pledge not to raid Area 51 because it would be rude without invite
"We'll just wait for them to extend an invitation."
“Nobody is above the law” says Dutton, “Unless you’re an Au Pair”
Now if you'll excuse me I'm busy breaching Section 44 of the Constitution
Telstra proves its ready to takeover NBN by wiping out EFTPOS network
"It's the classic NBN experience"
Serving suggestion seriously underestimates local man’s lack of self control
"Serves 4, or 1 if being realistic."
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