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News Corp outraged after tipoff ‘gullible’ has been taken out of dictionary
"Cancel culture gone mad"
We faked a story about Fairy Bread being cancelled, and the media took it hook line and sinker
Fact checking fail
“Not the time to discuss war crimes” says man holding press conference about Afghanistan war
"We have to wait for an even more appropriate time"
New Jurassic Park movie to explore what it would be like if country were run by dinosaurs
"Could you imagine?"
Nation shocked as Morrison decides not to distribute vaccines we never had in the first place
"It was a tough decision"
Really swell guy Peter Dutton finishes up another day of caring for orphaned puppies
And volunteering at the local soup kitchen
Liberals commit to equality by having women create 50% of their fuck ups by 2021
It's time
Police release drawing of man suspected of stopping boats in Suez Canal
He is described as "potatoey"
Sacked from cabinet, horrified Porter realises he’ll have to deal with centrelink
"Oh god no, anything but centrelink!"
Morrison announces cabinet reshuffle over fears staffer might have had sex on it
The steam cleaners have been booked
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