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Local man overjoyed to be bored by politics again
"Literally nothing happened. Thank god."
“I’ve no time to make a federal ICAC” says PM building cubby house
"Don't you know there's a crisis?"
NSW Premier eases COVID restrictions to allow up to 30 lobbyists in her office at any given time
"At a minimum"
NSW back in lockdown as mass public illness is triggered by political sex scandal
Everybody is vomiting
Govt shocked women want tax breaks – “How do they have jobs without going to elite all-boys schools?”
It doesn't make sense
Pauline Hanson deported after failing the new citizenship english test
"My englim is ishpeckible!"
Washington Post shuts down citing inability to compete with teenagers on TikTok
"They're getting all the scoops"
Millions congregate across America in vigil praying for a speedy death
"Save us"
Donald Trump boasts that he aced the coronavirus test
"Doctors were amazed"
Disaster that has killed 200,000 Americans contracts coronavirus
Bleach bottles have been deployed
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