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Government launch inquiry to determine just how innocent Bridget McKenzie is
"We will get to the bottom of this"
Nation nervously wonders what nightmare universe is planning to unleash today
"I bet it'll be locusts"
BREAKING: Australian government repeals gay marriage in attempt to stop natural disasters
"Izzy was right!"
Sad day: Eggboy has finally hatched
He will be missed
Scott Morrison’s “I stopped the boats” trophy revoked
"It will be replaced with an I stopped the Koalas trophy"
Government begs Australians to taper their prayers for rain
"Not all at once!"
“What climate change?” says PM dealing with drought, fire, flood, hail and dust storm in one day
Everything is going fine
Australia vows to fight climate change after Wiggles added to endangered list
"It's getting serious now"
Local man quietly deletes 3 month old Facebook post calling Climate Rebellion idiots
"What post?"
EB Games solemnly begins 12 year closing down sale
"Everything must go... more than usual"
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