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#Eggboy celebrates easter by smashing chocolate egg on Frasier Anning’s head
Anning did Nazi it coming
Israel Folau tearily comes out as dickhead
"I don't want to hide it anymore"
Poll reveals Dickson voters would prefer if Dutton lived outside their electorate too
"The further away he is the better."
Australia bans American migrants after they refuse to adapt to culture of not being loud dickheads in public
The government of Australia has today tabled urgent legislation to ban any and all migration coming from America, over fears
Pauline Hanson accidentally takes out $20 million dollar policy with NRMA
"I don't like it"
“I’d never attack immigrants for political points!” says guy who just opened a detention centre for political points
My on the record comments are trying to defame me
Daily Telegraph takes day out from bashing muslims to condemn xenophobia
"We must stop this senseless violence against muslims who are destroying western civilisation"
Catholic Michael Jackson fan quietly questioning everything
Local Catholic and paid up member of the Michael Jackson fanclub Dorithy Wattle is quietly questioning everything today, after every
World’s businesses in crisis as Gmail outage allows workers to spend home time relaxing, having fun
Won't somebody think of middle management!
“Female superhero unrealistic” says man who had no problem with crime fighting turtles
"How can a fictional woman be stronger than a fictional turtle."
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