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WA introduce voluntary euthanasia in vain hope any Australians will survive long enough to use it
"This will be a great step forward in medicine if the climate doesn't get us first."
Even company that accepts old underwear doesn’t want religious discrimination bill
"We'll take anything but that pile of garbage"
Scomo demands cricketers play harder after learning fires still not out
"It's bloody unAustralian!"
Sydney man books holiday in Beijing for a bit of fresh air
"It'll be nice to see the sun"
Report: Everything Fine And Normal
Sponsored by Exxon
Baked good left to cool for 0.5 seconds
Almost twice as long as was given to pre-heat the oven
Boycott ban backfires, entire government arrested after calling for Coles boycott
"Rules are rules," said the Prime Minister as he was dragged away
Scotty Cam asks ScoMo if he can get his $345,000 contract cash-in-hand
"You know, it'd save us all a lot of paperwork."
Jesus cancels second coming after learning what a mess earth is these days
"I think I'll give it a miss this millennium"
Drunk teenagers about to have night taken to the next level by traffic cone discovery
"This is even better than the time we found a deck chair"
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