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Toyota to phase out indicators on all new vehicles, citing lack of use
"Nobody was using them anyway"
World celebrates progress as Hollywood casts black man to play violent gun-wielding murderer
Take that, typecasting!
Victoria to introduce involuntary euthanasia for families that walk side-by-side on footpath
"Frankly it's the humane thing to do."
City2Surf entrant hopes 2 minutes of stretches will make up for last 7 years of inactivity
The ambulance is on standby
Renegade teaspoon ruining it for rest of cutlery basket
End of Crocs footwear mourned by virgins worldover
"Guess it's back to the socks and sandals then"
Starving Africans relieved to learn that only white people experience poverty
Starving children across the world were relieved today to learn that they actually have it pretty good compared to many white people
Introducing Sheilas – A new webseries
G’day Chaser fans, you may be interested to hear that our production company Giant Dwarf is about to launch a
Public shocked to learn Dominos, creator of choc-ice cream pizza, is not a health food store
Why did nobody warn us that fast-food was unhealthy!
Sydney friends’ facebook feed to become completely insufferable for next 2 weeks
Meanwhile Melbourne friends' facebook feed still just as insufferable as ever