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Peter Dutton spends day strangling local pigeons in case one of them might be American
It has been declared a bio-security risk
Dutton unveils new $1 billion pigeon border force
"They must be stopped at all costs"
Australian government to extradite American pigeon over fears it was planning a coo
They are in hoot pursuit
Shock as McConnell says he’ll support impeachment of man who sent angry mob to kill him
"This was completely unexpected"
Trump forced to ride out twitter ban by reorganising his top friends on MySpace
Pence is reportedly devastated to move to number
After running out of foreign governments to overthrow, America forced to topple own government for a change
"It was our turn"
Breaking: America
Experts suggest turning country off and on
Nation that never shuts up about democracy opts to just ignore president trying to subvert election
"It's all good"
Morrison takes action on Christmas COVID outbreak by flying immediately to Hawaii
"Problem solved"
Rudy Giuliani to undergo hotel quarantine at Four Seasons landscaping
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