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Chinese New Year late again
"SORRY! Running a few months late!" texted China to the rest of the world, "Be there soon!"
“Gays are destroying marriage” Joyce tells pregnant mistress
"Those promiscuous sinners are going to ruin my broken marriage."
New senator Jim Molan justifies punching baby in the face as “starting a debate”
You know what every terrorist has in common? That's right. They were all once babies
Shorten calls for Federal ICAC while furiously shredding papers from his briefcase
Meanwhile every Labor MP from NSW resigned for family reasons
Triple J Hosts Bravely Declare Next Song a “Real Banger”
"Coming up after the break we've got an absolute banger by Sufjan Stevens."
“There’s no money for train drivers” tweets MP from chauffeured government car
"If we gave train drivers the pay rise they wanted, we might be forced to cut back on essentials like my own personal driver."
“Bitcoin is obviously a bubble” claims Boomer with 5 investment properties
"Only a fool couldn't see that!"
Health insurers justify $150 increase – “We only made a billion dollars last year”
"You could barely afford to put lobster on the table every night for that kind of money"
Kangaroo on Harbour Bridge breaks speed record for object travelling in bus lane
"At one point it almost breached 5km/h"
Abbott spotted stealing pens from Governor’s House in last ditch bid to stop gay marriage
"There are two sides to this burglary"