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Public shocked to learn Dominos, creator of choc-ice cream pizza, is not a health food store
Why did nobody warn us that fast-food was unhealthy!
Sydney friends’ facebook feed to become completely insufferable for next 2 weeks
Meanwhile Melbourne friends' facebook feed still just as insufferable as ever
Local kid killing it at open mic night with smutty rendition of Cottees jingle
"My dad picks his nose..."
Prince Harry’s stag party enters 33rd year
"Almost time to call it a night I think," said Harry, "Well, maybe after ten more strippers and a bottle of absinthe or two"
Tupperware somehow even wetter after 8 hours in drying up rack
Local man now soaked from head to toe after attempting to empty washing up rack
Told to increase Australian content, Netflix launches dark, gritty reboot of Huey’s Cooking Adventures
"This time, it's personal."
John Howard hospitalised after calling for increased welfare
"He's clearly delirious"
Low income earner dreaming of all the smashed avos he can buy with $10 tax cut
"Barely one, actually."
“I could live off $40 a day” claims minister who spends $60 a day on stationery
"I'd just have to cut back a bit on my $70 a day car expenses."
Federal government tips budget surplus after taking out $5 billion Nimble loan
"This couldn't possibly backfire."