Office worker swaps 2 hour work commute for relaxing 10 hour holiday commute
"I'm getting the most of the four day weekend by spending two of those days in traffic."
Worker decides to leave one ‘sickie’ day, in case he actually gets sick
Michaels, who has used up nearly his entire year's worth of sick days in the first three months of the year, claimed, “I’d forgotten that people sometimes use sick days for actually being sick.”
After learning of Hitler’s gas chambers, Sean Spicer is unsure if he likes Hitler anymore
After Sean Spicer's big day of learning about how Hitler used chemical warfare in an attempt to commit genocide of Jewish people, Spicer claims he’s, “not quite as enamoured of Hitler anymore, to be honest, his actions seem a bit over the top.”
United Airlines reassures American public that the passenger “looked foreign”
A spokesperson for United stressed that the passenger, Dr Dao, “looked very foreign, he always has a very foreign sounding name.”
Dole recipient forced to hire secretary to deal with Centrelink red tape
A 44 year old Geelong man has advertised in his local classifieds for a personal assistant to help him manage the time-consuming administrative burden of his welfare portfolio
Assad offers Trump a Pepsi to sort out their differences
President Assad has offered Trump a Pepsi, claiming that he understands it's a great way for opposing sides to sort out their differences
Coca Cola planning to match Pepsi with their own culturally-insensitive advertisement
"I had the idea for Santa Claus spraying Coke out of his sleigh all over Africa and making everyone white and middle-class - that went into the 'maybe' pile."
Sultan of Brunei flaunts wealth by purchasing room in decrepit Sydney sharehouse
"It was the best $5 billion I've ever spent"
Trump Announces Well Thought Out Policy in April Fools Day Prank
"Got ya!" he told the world, before signing an executive order to make Steve Bannon King of Alaska
Official statement regarding Mark Latham
It is with deep regret that I write to you today to announce that we will be ending our long-running satirical project, Mark Latham, effective immediately
Queensland State Emergency Service’s entire Twitter feed directed at people cut off from Twitter
The SES has been sending constant updates of information and support, which have been retweeted by thousands of people unaffected by the massive Cyclone Debbie
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