Gladys asks ICAC if she can change to the “just tucking in my shirt” defence
"It worked for Rudi"
Corrupt AusPost CEO to be punished with Liberal preselection
"She was clearly qualified for the role"
Record Uluru rainfall: Pauline Hanson unveils new water park plan
"Nobody said anything about sliding down"
Local man overjoyed to be bored by politics again
"Literally nothing happened. Thank god."
Following AOC stream success, Republican gamers to play croquet with some hip youths
"It shall be ever so jolly"
“Dan is a dictator” says government asking ASIO to arrest journalists who call them out
To stop this monster we need ASIO to be able to secretly lock up journalists
“I’ve no time to make a federal ICAC” says PM building cubby house
"Don't you know there's a crisis?"
Danger across the ditch as incompetent leader Ardern wins office
Enjoy our latest hilarious article
CIA announces probe into embarrassing lack of election interference in Bolivia
"We worked so hard to get rid of the last leader"
Border Force renamed Border Farce
The change will be more representative of the work the agency undertakes

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