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‘First Contact’ viewer shocked to learn racism, Natalie Imbruglia still exist
"This show will surely create the discourse and change that Kevin Rudd’s so-called ‘apology’ failed to achieve. It's about time!"
Outrage as Australia Day moved to 28th – “It’s just not the same without the genocide”
"What's the point of changing the date? It's not like dates are symbolic reminders of things that happened in the past."
Fashion: 6 Hats You Need This Season to Honour Fidel Castro
When talking to strangers in cafes about how reports of human rights abuse in Cuba are exaggerated and actually how good their public health system is, you need a way to catch their attention subtly and stylishly
Tributes flow as the world learns that Fidel Castro wasn’t already dead
The Cuban leader is said to have owed his longevity to a lifetime of smoking
FBI foiled as criminal cleverly enters private mode on browser
Gone without a trace, the Feds have been left scrambling for any signs of Harrington's possibly illegal activities
Kanye West forced to cancel spoken word tour
The artist has come under fire from fans after reports emerged that his fanatical ranting featured too much auto-tune and was frequently interrupted by songs
Mike Pence booed because he somehow got tickets to Hamilton
While the next available ticket to see Hamilton on Broadway is in 2018, it seems being VP Elect has some benefits
#ChaserUSA Blog 06: “Trying to Trap Trumpeters”
Sometimes it's easy to make fun of people for supporting a handsome sweet potato for President. Other times you can't help but to try to understand them
Democrat advisor laments failed ‘celebrities and concerts’ tactic
“It’s almost like those concerts were only attended by people who were already voting for us and people too young to vote. It doesn’t make sense.”
Leonard Cohen Reacts to Trump Election
Millennials have gathered in LA to pay their respects for the man who famously covered Hallelujah