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Washed-up star longs for the days he was a has-been
1980s teen heart-throb Corey Haim longs for the glory days of his failing career, when his name was a still
PM promises shoot-to-kill policy will only be used in emergencies, accidents
“The world changed on 9/11,” Howard said. “Before then I would have needed a good reason to pass these draconian laws.”
Saddam pleads not guilty to mass murder, then orders execution of judges and their families
The show trial of Saddam Hussein has begun in Bahgdad. The Special Tribunal began its hearing two weeks early because
Late night TV converts viewer to Christianity
Spurred on by his viewing of pre-dawn television, 41 year-old printer salesman Andrew Smithers has found God. Smithers says that
Waifish Kate Moss to promote diet coke
British model Kate Moss has bounced back from the loss of four modelling contracts this week with a lucrative new
G8 agrees to cancel third world debt if Geldof cancels concert
The world’s economic powerhouses have agreed to relinquish the third world’s multi-trillion dollar debt, describing it as a “small price
Dannii Minogue diagnosed with fake breast cancer
Hot on the heels of big sister Kylie Minogue’s diagnosis of breast cancer, little sister Dannii has released her own
Budget delivers tax relief for battling CEOs
“Many working families today are having trouble surviving on only one bloated income, worrying about putting their kids through elite
Fashion Week shock: half-naked anorexics in again this season
If this year’s Mercedes Australian Fashion Week is any guide, wafer-thin adolescents with see-through tops, tiny diaphanous panties and protuberant
Pope Benedict 16 complains getting a papal name is harder than Hotmail
“It’s hard to stand out from the pack when you’re one of sixteen guys with the same name,” the Holy