John Bourke's Posts

Cleaners at St Kevins fired for sweeping everything under carpet
We found three teachers under there
Jetstar customers notice no difference to service as staff strike
It's actually better somehow
Government reverses decision to charge Australians fleeing China if they’re from marginal electorates
"It just seemed unfair"
Confused border guards tow corona virus boats back to China
"You won't be settled here"
Folau quits French club after teammates keep kissing him on the cheek
"I don't go for that sort of thing."
Mosman Rowing Club donates paddle to assist Bridget McKenzie escape shit creek
"She's gonna need it"
All Australian Open matches to now be determined by which player collapses last
"The stakes have never been higher."
Sydney welcomes 2020 early as out of control blaze sets off fireworks
"Happy new year!"
ScoMo moved from emergency exit row seat after refusing to assist in event of disaster
"Why would I do that?"
ScoMo asks Hawaiian barman to turn off news reporting on Australian bushfires
"I'm trying to relax"
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