Chaser Video: Joining the ‘Bra Boys
They were Australia's most violent surf gang. We were Australia's biggest shit stirrers. What could go wrong?
Chaser Video: Apex security at APEC
The year is 2007. Sydney is in lockdown for the APEC summit with leaders and their security entourages from across the globe requiring vigilant protection. Enter The Chaser
Mark Latham is a Chaser stunt
It's true. Mark Latham is The Chaser's first, and possibly, greatest stunt
Chaser Video: Tabloid Wars
In which Chas and Andrew put to rest that age-old question, 'Could there ever be anything more humiliating than being ridiculed on A Current Affair?'
Chaser Video: Getting meat past sniffer dogs
We all know there's nothing better for a sweaty, sweltering summer festival than a hot BBQ cook up. But first you need to get the goods past security.
Chaser Video: Roget’s Thesauras
We can't quite find the words to describe this one, so best to watch for yourself
Handing Out Free Money
Just how determined are the public to avoid getting handed freebies on the street? The Chaser’s Craig Reucassel took it
Is Barack Obama a Muslim?
According to some polls, 54% of Republicans think Barack Obama is a Muslim. So we went along to a Donald Trump rally to find out if that's true
Chaser Poll – Donald Trump in One Word
We asked ordinary red blooded Trump supporters to describe Trump in one word. Their responses will not surprise you
The Chaser’s War on Everything – Muslim Poll
Donald Trump has declared that Muslims should be banned from entering the US. Charles Firth investigates why he's still leading in the polls