Privacy Policy

Your rights, (or lack thereof)

The Chaser will not release your information to the public, unless you are the Prime Minister or Alan Jones in which case we may publish your phone number on rare occasions. The Chaser thanks officers of the Australian Federal Police for advising, in 2003, that that this is not illegal.

On a more serious note, by using the Chaser website, store and our affiliated services (henceforth referred to at The Chaser), you agree that personal data, including your IP address, site navigation, and information required by a commercial transaction or donation may be collected and stored by Chaser Digital Pty Ltd, as well as independent third parties involved in delivering content or services as part of The Chaser content and product line. Information may also be shared within The Chaser family of companies, including Giant Losses Pty Ltd, Chaser Broadcasting Pty Ltd, Chaser Publishing Pty Ltd, and Chaser Digital Pty Ltd, as party of simplifying customer interactions across our range of services.

If you would like information stored on servers and databases owned or operated by The Chaser to be retrieved, reviewed, or removed, you may contact [email protected] and we will comply with any and all relevant laws based on your place of residence at the time of access, and/or Australian federal and state law, as relevant. The Chaser may request access or deletion of your information from third parties involved in your interactions with the Chaser’s range of services, though we cannot guarantee compliance from independent third parties.

For further information on your rights and obligations, please refer to our Terms of Service.