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Global warming sole cause of summer heat says moron
"I hate being so sweaty all the time! That's why I don't do any exercise," Reggie complained.
Islamic woman attends mosque dressed as Pauline Hanson
"I think there’s a genuine security threat in allowing people who look like this to be out in public"
Man suspected of Nazism after buying 30 Tiki torches at Bunnings
"I'm just having a bunch of people over for a barbie and I fuckin' hate mosquitos"
Pistol and Boo call for ‘humane execution’ of Barnaby Joyce
Or at least get him desexed
Coca Cola planning to match Pepsi with their own culturally-insensitive advertisement
"I had the idea for Santa Claus spraying Coke out of his sleigh all over Africa and making everyone white and middle-class - that went into the 'maybe' pile."
Sydney man slain by co-workers after saying “Marge, the rains are here” non-stop for a month
NSW Police have detained the entire office staff of an inner-city promotions company after the murder of IT worker Michael
Trump promotes equality by spending International Women’s Day grabbing his own genitals
FOR the second time in a month Donald Trump has been hailed by conservative pundits as ‘Presidential’ after he announced
PETA petition Jacqui Lambie to change surname to promote animal welfare
"Maybe we’re joking, maybe we’ve completely lost touch with how activism works – but it's definitely not about being desperate for attention."
NASA discovers sign reading ‘fuck off, we’re full’ on earth-sized planets
“While we’re excited at the discovery of not just inhabitable planets but also extra-terrestrial life, we’re shocked and appalled at this blatant display of xenophobia"
Government floats ‘Nuggets & Nutella’ tax after medical cannabis imports approved
If approved, the tax will see a significant increase in the price of fast food, Nutella, eye drops and bubble wrap, among other items