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The Chaser Report – Ep 14 – Is this podcast cake?
Is Victoria bitter? ‘No it’s Tooheys New,’ says PM
What's the problem
The Chaser Report – Ep 13 – Yes We Kanye!
2020's going fine
The Chaser Report – Episode 12 – The Melbourne International Covidy Festival
Poor Melbourne
ABC announces intercontinental ballistic missile program
Annabel Crabb will lead the new program
The Chaser Report – Episode 11 – Melbourne: ‘We had the second wave first’
Poor Melbourne
An Important Message to the Staff and Students of Chaser University
Hey look! Australia is under cyber-attack!
Australia is under attack by state-based actor: universities targeted
The attackers are going by the pseudonym 'Dan Tehan'
The Chaser Report – Episode 10 – Meet the Prickers
We're number 68th!
South Australian Premier reveals border has been open for months but no one noticed
Everyone assumed it was fake news
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