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New anonymous op-ed claims Trump is “total genius”, “really smart” and “I’m fantastic”
"Donald Trump is a total hard-working genius, much better than Obama and even better than Lincoln. I would say he's the best. Definitely better than Hillary, who was a total dud. I should have locked her up."
Woolies to trial “just walk out” checkout, also known as “stealing”
“I haven’t used the checkout for years,” said Keith Belan, an ice dealer from the Central Coast. “And I don’t even need an app. I just walk out.”
Sydney Airport customs launches express lane for “people with no personal connection to Peter Dutton”
Home Au Pairs minister Peter Dutton will face an inquiry after it was revealed there is a special express lane at Sydney airport customs reserved for “people with no personal connection to Peter Dutton”.
Boatload of au pairs spotted off the coast of Australia
Australia is at risk of being swamped by au pairs after a boatload of them was spotted in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia
Jesus would have locked up kids in offshore prison camps, claims Morrison
Scott Morrison has slammed claims he only invokes his Christianity selectively, saying that all of his government's policies are endorsed by Jesus. "Jesus would have locked up refugee kids in offshore prison camps if he'd only had the chance," he told reporters
Barnaby Joyce requests New Zealand lapel pin
He is also reported to have requested one for his mistress
Morrison under pressure to quit after losing 100% of Newspolls in a row
The Liberal Party is under pressure to shake up its leadership position after a disastrous Newspoll shows Prime Minister Scott
Second spill imminent: Dutton running as the lack-of-consensus candidate
Mr Dutton said that if there was one person who would be able to reach a lack-of-consensus in the Liberal Party, and disunite the nation, it was him.
TURNBULL RESIGNS: “I want to spend more time with my family trusts”
Admitting he has no hope of holding onto the Federal leadership of the Liberal Party, Malcolm Turnbull resigned this morning.
Turnbull seeking refund on donation to Liberal Party
Malcolm Turnbull has tonight requested a full refund on the $1 million donation he made to the Liberal Party shortly before the last election