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Is your privacy safe? Answer this 2-minute quick quiz to find out!
IMPORTANT: You risk your privacy every time your fill in an online quiz. Fill in our quick quiz to find out whether you're affected
China to build military base 200km off Australian coast: ‘can’t afford the house prices any closer’
"It really is the closest we can afford on our budget," said the Supreme Commander of the Joint Chinese Military Forces. "We looked at the outer suburbs of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, but even if we went interest-only, it's a bit outside our price range."
Dutton: “What did white South Africans ever do wrong?”
"For a genocide to be horrific enough to qualify for special attention, you really need to feel some sort of sympathy for them. I can't quite put my finger on why the white South Africans look more deserving of special attention, but as soon as I figure it out, I'll get back to you."
Opinion: Sex is unnatural and should have been banned years ago
Firth, host of The Firth Factor, weighs in on the big issue of the week: was Malcolm Turnbull right to make sex between MPs and staffers extra naughty
What They Said – The Barnaby Joyce Affair
Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce believes that having an affair with a staffer and then getting them a taxpayer-funded job down the corridor is a private matter. Even so, everyone wants to weigh in on the Barnaby Joyce Affair. Here's what they said
Can’t afford a house in Sydney or Melbourne? Just get one rent-free from a millionaire donor, says Joyce
He admitted there was more steps than just that. "First of all, you have to leave your wife and kids," he said. "Then just shack up with your new girlfriend. Then you tap someone from the local community who happens to want influence with you."
Top four tourist hot-spots to see before they’re destroyed by tourism
There are many famous locations being destroyed by tourism, so make sure you visit quickly before they’re gone!
Lyle Shelton enjoys first weekend away after hooking up with Cory Bernardi
Lyle Shelton says he "very much enjoyed" his first weekend away with the party’s tall, tanned founder, sporting a grin for much of the weekend
Government reassures public that terrorists will be required to fill out proper forms before buying Aussie weapons
Households will be limited to purchasing a maximum of five surface-to-air missiles per year
Heading to the beach on Australia Day? Why not check out Cronulla!
If you're wanting to do something really Aussie on Australia Day, head down to Cronulla, and soak up the heritage of the site of Australia's most famous race riot