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CEO given massive bonus for not sending company bankrupt
Blair’s bonus is valued at $1.4 million, or 25 per cent of his base pay. On top of this amount, Blair can also expect a 5 per cent Bonus Delivery Bonus
Owners of Big Banana disappointed it hasn’t been named as a terror target
"What's the Taj Mahal got that we don't?"
Precocious 2nd grader writes memoir of holidays
"Those days come back to me as one," the young dilettante wrote. "One endless day, suffused with laughter and golden light."
Belief system debunked by T-shirt
"This is Christianity's greatest existential crisis since Mel Gibson."
Cash Converters owner impressed at how many TVs one regular customer owns
"Who says the economy is slowing?"
God’s plan is for man’s life to suck
"God works in mysterious ways. Mysterious, arsehat ways."
Melbourne man visits Sydney just to point out its flaws
A 27 year old graphic designer from Melbourne has spent an entire weekend in Sydney pointing out its flaws
HR woman single-handedly lowering staff morale
Efforts to boost productivity and lower absenteeism only result in feigned enthusiasm and a sexual harassment law suit resulting from a 'trust fall' exercise gone wrong
Bumper stickers fail to free Tibet
"These messages may have reached the hearts and minds of thousands of passing motorists," said the Dalai Lama, "but apparently our Chinese oppressors were not among them."
FBI foiled as criminal cleverly enters private mode on browser
Gone without a trace, the Feds have been left scrambling for any signs of Harrington's possibly illegal activities

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