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Safety Warning Convinces Man Not To Drink Paint
"Honestly it's the only thing holding me back"
Plan to go to bed at reasonable hour foiled by lure of doing nothing in particular for 5 hours
"I've got some important Wikipedia articles about the history of corn to catch up on."
Man unwinds from long day staring at screen with a few hours of slightly different screen
"Sometimes I like to mix it up by looking at an even smaller screen while watching something on the bigger screen."
With Game Of Thrones over, JK Rowling announces Jon Snow is gay
"I thought it was obvious"
FBI agent, pedophile find unlikely love online
The man she was entrapping would end up entrapping her heart. 
Father introduces son to life-long hatred of fishing
"I'm going to let my boy find his own interests. And he's crazy about car shows, just like his old man. Isn't that right, son?"
Man dies doing what he hated
A grumpy Queanbeyan man has passed away while double-checking the inventory log on a warehouse computer system. The man "died doing what he hated most."
Discovery of shallow grave ends 18-year search for Waldo
According to an unnamed source, the corpse was dressed in a faded, bloodstained red-and-white jumper, wearing round-rimmed glasses, and buried with a cane
Lazy man hoping unironed clothes become fashionable
The 30-year-old has experimented with unironed T-shirts and jeans on the weekend, even going so far as to tell a female acquaintance that prominent wrinkles were "all the rage in Milan"
Marauding Mongols slowed by complex visa requirements
"Do we have to declare goat's entrails?"

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