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Rare photo of Scomo actually working sells for $1.8 million at auction
It's one of a kind
Abbott shocked to learn a woman, Queen Elizabeth II, will be his new boss
I suppose I'll just give her my trademark wink
Police launch investigation to discover who Victorian Opposition Leader is
Police say they have no clues
News Corp columnists rejoice at New Zealand’s COVID-19 resurgence
They then retreated to one of Rupert Murdoch's many lairs
‘Dan Andrews is a dictator!’ bemoans man who can vote for someone else at next election without repercussion
I didn't vote for this dictator... twice!
Contractors guarding Melbourne quarantine hotels organise huge party to say sorry for second wave
It will celebrate the one-millonth person tested for Covid
Victoria agrees to be 51st state of USA: immediately becomes ‘best performing state in the country’
Not a bad idea
350 billion people attend Trump rally
The number is higher than the population of the human race
Trump angry he can’t rage tweet as 5G network fails to work from underground bunker
Trump called for physics to be defunded
Government announces stimulus package for home burglars unable to work from other’s homes
The move has been praised by the Australian Burglars Union. 
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