Iraq launches invasion to bring democracy to America
Prepare for impending liberty
American supreme court rules that life begins at conception, ends in climate apocalypse
"Assuming a school shooting doesn't get them first"
Nation braces for monthly 1 in 1000 year disaster
"Hope it's locusts this time"
New episodes of Stranger Things to depict futuristic America of the 1980s
"It's horrifying"
Trump apologises for grabbing security guard’s neck, stating he had mistaken it for a woman’s genitals
"When you're famous they let you do that"
Tupperware somehow even wetter after 8 hours in drying up rack
Local man now soaked from head to toe after attempting to empty washing up rack
Harvey Norman declares bankruptcy after going whole month without government handout
"I now understand what it's like for the common man"
Qantas hit with further scandal after passenger discovers $50 million worth of lettuce in boogie board bag
Experts say that could be as many as two icebergs
Struggling young people encouraged to just cut back on food, housing, electricity, transport…
entertainment, petrol, dental care
“No corruption in Barilaro’s appointment” declares new head of ICAC John Barilaro
Case closed
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