John Howard finds out who the current Prime Minister is
Former Prime Minister John Howard found out this afternoon that Scott Morrison is the Prime Minister, after he attended a campaign meet-and-greet with Wentworth candidate for the Liberal Party David Sharma
Every student in Australia comes out as gay, after learning it will get them out of school
"Worth it."
Melbourne to build their own Opera House just so they can be smug about not putting ads on it
"Take that Sydney"
Liberals announce $150 million plebiscite to decide if gay kids should be allowed in schools
"It's the only way to know"
Want advertise in Sydney? Call Alan… (VIDEO)
We decided to test out what the Prime Minister has called "The Biggest Billboard in Town"
Sydney Opera House to be shut down following noise complains
"Neighbours have had enough"
NSW Government orders Opera House to install pokies after realising it could turn a quick buck
"To think we've been wasting all that space on the arts."
Crisis deepens: ABC Chairman instructed the Honey Badger to get rid of Emily
Justin Milne, reportedly emailed the 2018 Bachelor, Nick Cummins, saying that Emily Dibden, the sweet dance teacher from Canberra, had fallen out of favour with Liberal Party, and therefore had to go
Morrison proposes 29th February for National Indigenous Day
Scott Morrison has announced that the 29th February will be the day the contribution of Indigenous Australians is celebrated in this country
Extra $4 billion funding allows struggling private school to finally build 3rd swimming pool