Trump to put AUSTRAC in charge of vote recount
"Maybe they will get it right!"
Peter Dutton spends day strangling local pigeons in case one of them might be American
It has been declared a bio-security risk
Dutton unveils new $1 billion pigeon border force
"They must be stopped at all costs"
Australian government to extradite American pigeon over fears it was planning a coo
They are in hoot pursuit
Michael McCormack demands Cheer Cheese changes its name to ‘All Cheese Matters’
It is racist to suggest all cheese doesn't matter
Chaser launches attack ad against rival satirical news organisation
We have decided to launch an attack ad against Australia's other major news organisation
Shock as McConnell says he’ll support impeachment of man who sent angry mob to kill him
"This was completely unexpected"
Fruit picking shortage solved by Michael McCormack’s massive effort cherry-picking facts
Facts are no match for his staunch, cold, hard opinions
George Pell announces he will start streaming Minecraft on Twitch
"Hey remember we don't want snitches in this chat."
Orwell and Marx sign open letter begging idiots to stop bringing them up all the time
No your parking ticket isn't just like

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