Court rules Women’s Day made “false claims” about serial killer Rebel Wilson
Wilson says she is relieved and will kill again
Amazing: This ‘Bretharian’ couple have gone without food for 9 years!
"Honestly we feel like we're in heaven"
Trump Declares War on Austria after learning of Turnbull’s jokes
"I'll teach them for making it sound like I'm an idiot"
Escaped orangutans temporarily double Perth literacy levels
"Dem orange monkey gonna be our nex premier"
Relaxing hour of meditation spent remembering every mistake ever made
"I went on a spiritual journey to the time I called the teacher mum."
Facebook crash forces public to resort to traditional stalking methods
Disturbing creeps are up in arms
Roger Moore passes away in Switzerland following brief battle with henchmen
Moore was said to be holidaying at a mountaintop health and nuclear munitions manufacturing retreat
White House unveils Trump Presidential Portrait
"It really captures his Presidential style"
Trump Unleashes Fury After Discovering Source of White House Leaks
"You think you can make an idiot out of me buddy!?"
Kellyanne Conway Denies “Fake News” That She Ever Worked for Donald Trump
"It's like I've always said, that horrible man should be impeached"