Morrison in talks with Cricket Australia to end pandemic
"Come on boys, you can do it!"
Professional psychic fails to predict Today show would cut off her mic
"I did not see that coming" 
Covid wins over Liberal Party by moving to Potts Point
"It's one of us now"
Police forced to release all criminals after learning they do not consent to being arrested
"Damn, they got us"
BLM protestors arrested after forgetting to declare they are a “Living Woman”
"You can't arrest me, I don't consent to it!"
Man fined for making the mistake of not being a rich celebrity who is exempt from the rules
"I'm kicking myself."
CCTV tracks your every move, says anti-masker who can be easily tracked because she’s not wearing a mask
She complained about tracking by posting on Facebook
Greg from Facebook shocked to learn most products strive to not have racist names
"I'm questioning everything"
“Masks make it hard to breathe!” complains woman who’ll soon need a machine to breathe
"It's freedom to have my lungs full of fluid"
New Baby Boom: Treasurer tells nation to get fucked
"You can all get screwed" announced Frydenberg today

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