Liberal minister holidaying in Venice refuses to admit water is higher than normal
"The water has always been up to my neck"
Greens nationwide overjoyed at news that their party has actually achieved something for once
Mission accomplished
NSW Government finally respond to climate change, announce plans to strip search bushfires
"Problem solved"
Barnaby Joyce caught planting flamethrower in Richard di Natale’s garage
"I was just returning it!"
PM’s media advisers brainstorm ways to shift blame for bushfires on to Safe Schools, Muslims
"We'll even blame the Greens if we have to!"
“This is not the time to discuss climate change” says government while changing law to help coal mine approvals
"Lets all wait until nobody wants to discuss it"
“Australia has always had bushfires” says guy apparently under the impression that 54 fires in November is normal
"We've always had catastrophic fire warnings across two states"
“Greens are to blame for this” says man who seems to think parties with 1 seat write the law
"Those greenies have too much power!"
Tennis Australia to hold event which will honour and condemn Margaret Court
"She was a great sportswoman and may we never speak of her again."
“Climate is only an issue for inner city loony lefties” says politician representing drought ravaged farmlands
"Why would people in the bush care about climate change"

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