News Corp really hoping no satire site reposts Rudd’s senate speech in full
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Morrison explains he was only vaccinated in case of emergency holiday to Hawaii
"One must be prepared"
Media Diversity Inquiry asks a bunch of rich old white men whether they have a diversity issue
I think I can see a problem
Vaccine queue jumper to be sent straight to Manus Island
No exceptions
White House declares Ted Cruz a national disaster
"He's a national tragedy"
News free Facebook user blissfully unaware of unfolding alien invasion
"Gosh this news break feels nice"
‘I don’t have an issue with how I treat women’ claims PM who hurt an old lady during photo op
"I have no issue with woman who do what they are told"
Cancel Culture strikes again as snowflakes ruin Ted Cruz’s holiday
Damn liberals and their snowflake agenda want to ban fun in the sun
“We’re giving The Chaser a new show” says ABC who can’t dispute this cause they’re blocked
"Also they're all getting promotions"
Mediocre couple not cheating on each other despite best efforts
All those late nights really were just work

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