Greens accused of starting floods
"Those bastards are at it again."
God answers Morrison’s prayers by delivering unwanted pools to marginal electorates
"It's not corrupt if God does it."
Scott Morrison takes action on floods by booking emergency flight to Hawaii
"The country needs me"
Angus Taylor releases new letter from AFP clearing him of Cayman Islands corruption
"Here at the AFP we can’t find any evidence at all that you’re in anyway dodgy or corrupt," the letter said. "Good on you. Keep it up. You’re a legend."
Republican Senators vote unanimously to impeach Hilary Clinton
"She's guilty as sin"
AFP arrests Clover Moore after travel spending found to not match Angus Taylor’s documents
"If she had simply spent $100,000 on travel none of this would have happened"
Australian census glad to no longer be the largest tech fuckup of all time
404 page not found
Democrats regret appointing Peter Dutton to count the votes in Iowa ballot
“I’m not even sure he understands the numbering system.”
Government awards Adani coal mine $3 billion to upgrade sporting facilities
"God they don't even have a squash court!"
Barnaby Joyce regrets getting Dutton to do his numbers for him
Mr Joyce said he wanted to re-enter the leadership in order to spend "less time with the family"

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