15 minutes of study rewarded with 2 hour Netflix binge
"I've earned it"
Precocious 2nd grader writes memoir of holidays
"Those days come back to me as one," the young dilettante wrote. "One endless day, suffused with laughter and golden light."
Corporate sellout salves conscience with masters degree
Jake Sampson has successfully convinced himself that his shallow, materialistic life as a merchant banker is worthwhile. The key? A masters in international human rights law
Santa’s workshop outsourced to Third World elves
Saint Nick blames downsizing economy
Belief system debunked by T-shirt
"This is Christianity's greatest existential crisis since Mel Gibson."
University of Sydney Changes ‘Arts Degree’ to ‘Arts Receipt’
Also announces new graduate placement partnership with local hospitality industry.
Calling people ‘un-Australian’ isn’t racist, claims racist
Begins following sentence with, "I'm not racist, but... "
Oniongate – How it happened
Bunnings stores have banned onions from being on top on the sausage sizzles. Here is a chilling audio documentary about how it all unfolded on one fateful day last September
Video game violence blamed for sudden spike in Stagecoach robberies
PARENTS groups are up in arms after an unprecedented increase in stagecoach robbery and hog-tying since the release of Red
News Corp editor dies of joy after realising they can use the headline “strawberry needler needled”
"Walkley award here I come"