Family Pet forced to rein in all-day humping now humans are home
FRENCH Bulldog Ignatius III, who had been living a life of hedonistic luxury in his Gold Coast apartment for the
Oxford dictionary redefines 1.5m to ‘right next to each other’ citing popular use
"Clearly there's a hidden meaning"
Byron Bay local astral projects himself 1.5 meters away
Healing crystals at the ready
Quarantine extended by 2 weeks to allow everyone to grow out their DIY haircuts
"It's for the national good"
Prince Charles to immediately stop eating pangolin for breakfast
Southern White Rhino meat will be substituted for the time being
Nation’s wedding planners surprised by the number of bootcamp themed receptions
"It's suddenly very popular"
Government sends out 36 million SMS messages, massively exceeding limit on its $40 Optus plan
The text message to all Australians instructed them to start washing their hands seven weeks ago
Parliament to close for five months so Morrison can take a well-earned break
"I really need a bit of me time."
Morrison issues crystal clear guidance: “Stay at home except for the following 500 different things”
An angry Mr Morrison blamed people for being confused
Government rushes to upgrade the Windows 95 box running NBN, MyGov, and Centrelink
"It's getting overloaded!"

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