Unis axe philosophy departments for failing to find answers
“To have a 100% fail rate on your answer rate is unacceptable under our latest result-oriented guidelines”
Australia bans American migrants after they refuse to adapt to culture of not being loud dickheads in public
The government of Australia has today tabled urgent legislation to ban any and all migration coming from America, over fears
Huggies move operations base to Engadine McDonalds
"With the massive  spike in pants-shitting being reported there recently, we just couldn't look past Engadine Maccas as the new base of operations for the Huggies family of products."
FBI agent, pedophile find unlikely love online
The man she was entrapping would end up entrapping her heart. 
Shorter work hours mean more family time: Families demand longer work hours
A new report confirms the long held suspicion that employees who reduce their workload to spend more time with their spouse and children just end up annoying their families even more
Daily Telegraph release factual article in April Fool’s Prank
Delivering daily bullshit since
Local start up entrepreneur swaps from rented Lexus back to mum’s ’98 Hyundai Excel
"There can't be a peak without a trough. I'm still living my best life, though."
Engadine McDonalds to introduce McScomo Soft Serve
Lumpy chunks of brown soft serve on a bed of flaky chocolate logs. It's the creamy treat thats fit for a Prime Minister!
Shifty bloke slows down when every Holden Commodore is near
Darren just wanted to be sure the Commodore's antennas were regular size
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