Sad day for music fans: Coldplay confirm they have not disbanded
Music fans worldwide are reportedly devestated
“Lies are hurting my presidency!” complains guy who claimed Obama was muslim from Kenya
"Anyone who lies about a President should be impeached for treason," said Trump before being dragged away by police
“We don’t share your values” nepotistic autocrat tells China
Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has told the Chinese Communist Party it does not share the values of his Australia,
Every movie to be about evil clowns by 2030
"Every male actor over the age of 20 will be required to play the joker at least once."
Office worker furious at protestors who made him late for job he hates turning up to
"How dare you!"
“’Untitled Goose Game’ Will Teach Young Geese to be Criminals” Claim Worried Parents
"Who knows what kind of violence this will inspire in birds."
Lindsay Lohan wins acting award for pretending to know who anyone on Masked Singer is
"Wow... I can't believe it was... Micky Webster!"
Barnaby Joyce seen rushing to help at scene of VB truck crash
Tragedy of truck crash lightened by hilarious cargo
"Police say they are concerned and amused."
Trump threatens Turkey with withdrawal of Thanksgiving pardons
"You know I love Turkey, especially with cranberry sauce."

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