Struggling Barnaby Joyce forced to scan truffles as onions at self serve check out
"I’m just doing what I need to survive!"
Husband totally interested in hearing about partner’s wacky dream last night
“It was like we were back at Aunty Helen’s place, except everybody had vacuum cleaners for arms, and I was
SHOCKING: Absolutely fucking nobody surprised property developers cut corners to increase profits
In a move every home buyer, renter and non-negative gearer saw coming, the rash of building defects across new apartment
Channel Nine apologises after mistakenly broadcasting same episode of A Current Affair for last 13 years
Following revelations ABC accidentally aired a rerun of popular TV program Mad As Hell last night, Channel Nine  revealed it has
Olympics to introduce new sport of opening microwave door just before beeping starts
Competitors will be marked on their ability to not wake the judges
400,000 Brits pledge not to raid Area 51 because it would be rude without invite
"We'll just wait for them to extend an invitation."
‘Relieved’ cricket hater oblivious to fact The Ashes start in two weeks
FOLLOWING Australia’s exit from the Cricket World Cup this morning, house-mates and co-workers of 21-year-old Leonard Boink have agreed to
“Nobody is above the law” says Dutton, “Unless you’re an Au Pair”
Now if you'll excuse me I'm busy breaching Section 44 of the Constitution
Millennials flood housing market after EFTPOS outage leaves them unable to buy smashed avo
Housing crisis solved
Telstra proves its ready to takeover NBN by wiping out EFTPOS network
"It's the classic NBN experience"

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