Engaged couple eschew diamond in favour of direct contribution to Angolan war

SYDNEY, Wednesday: Sydney couple John Williams and Denise Cox have decided to shun the traditional purchase of a diamond ring for their engagement.

“It’s not that we didn’t want a ring, it’s just that we didn’t approve of the way they are traded,” said Denise.

The couple made their decision after hearing stories about the ruthless diamond companies, who routinely buy diamonds cheaply from African warmongers such as the UNITA rebels in Angola and the Revolutionary United Front in Sierra Leone.

“We really hate to see the exploitation of the Third World,” claimed John. “Because they need the money to buy weapons, the poor Africans are forced to sell their diamonds cheaply to these greedy multinational diamond companies. We just weren’t willing to accept our money gong to such heartless corporations.”

The couple initially tried to buy directly from the suppliers, but found that the rebel groups didn’t have a website. Disappointed at first, they decided that the best way to make a statement was to contribute money directly to the war effort.

Denise thought long and hard, but is now happy with her decision. “I figured I would have probably chosen the pinker diamonds that tend to come from Angola, so I sent off a cheque to the UNITA rebels the other day.”

“I used to say I’d kill for a diamond, so I really understand where they’re coming from,” Denise said. “I’ve also heard that diamonds are forever,” she explained, “and so is death, really, so I don’t think I’ll ever notice the difference. Although they also say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and I’m not so sure about that. Some of those troops seem a little scary.”

John is also very happy with the couple’s decision. “It makes me very sad to think of those poor little children digging away in Angola’s diamond mines when, if people would just avoid the diamond companies, they could so easily be out there fighting on the frontline.”


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