Democrats regret appointing Peter Dutton to count the votes in Iowa ballot

Democratic Party insiders have expressed dismay at the delay in counting the vote in the Iowa caucus, saying they never should have appointed Peter Dutton as returning officer.

“He approached us actually,” said one insider. “He said he knew how to count votes and that he’d done it before. But I get the sense he has no idea what he’s doing. I’m not even sure he understands the numbering system.”

But others have blamed technology for the delay.

“Yeah we probably shouldn’t have used Microsoft Paint to tally the results. In hindsight it looks pretty stupid, but it made sense at the time. It was the only app that all these 70-year-old candidates knew how to use,” said the head of IT at the Democratic National Committee.

As this went to press, Mr Dutton told reporters the Iowa result was still in balance. “We’ve only counted 129% of the vote, so it’s early days.”


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