State governments respond to lack of Morrison government by ramping up corruption scandals

State governments around the country have stepped up to in response to the change in federal government by ramping up the amount of corruption scandals they produce, with three completely separate major bombshells in rolled out in a single day. “At the last national cabinet meeting we realised that there has been a hole left by the Morrison government,” said one Premier while researching how to set up a blind trust, “but at this point we are used to having to step up and do the Morrison government’s job.” “It’s been two whole months since we last saw a widely publicised federal corruption case, and as such we decided it was up to us to take up the slack.” “Luckily the NSW Government stepped up in the ‘corrupt politician refusing to resign causing infighting’ and ‘giving out money to mates’ departments and Victoria jumped on the ‘factional corruption’ requirements. We have a lot of work to do as a nation, but together as we continue in this bipartisan effort, we can rort the entire country the way voters expect politicians to.” In response to today’s news, voters have thanked the state governments for taking initiative on this issue but have urged the states to plan out the corruption bombshells as to limit themselves to one a day. “It’s getting really hard to keep track of so many at once.” explained one voter. “With so many new dramas being dropped by the government daily it’s no wonder Neighbours got cancelled.”

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