Nation loses last premier from the period where people knew the names of premiers

Australia has reached the end of an era as the last premier from the covid-dominated era of premier’s whose names people actually know.

This after the shock announcement that Annastacia Palaszczuk is resigning, after weeks of denying reports that she would soon be resigning due to her disastrous polling numbers. With Queensland now saying goodbye to Palaszczuk as she is replaced by the new Premier What’s-Their-Name.

“Palaszczuk was someone who was there,” said one political scholar, “by that I mean that I knew her name and she was just always kind of around I guess. I mean she was the last of the ones whose names I know for sure. Now we got this new bunch, who I literally couldn’t tell you anything about.”

“Wait actually, I  think one might be called Michael… or Kristine… David maybe? I don’t remember.”

“Well I’m excited to go back to not knowing any premier’s name,” said Sally a local voter, “I miss the period when you would only hear the name of the Premier whenever their corruption scandal dropped. But let’s be real, even then you barely know the names.”

Palaszczuk said she is excited for retirement where she is set to relax until the traditional ceremony of a former premier coming out of retirement to get a cushy job in the mining industry.

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