Matt Canavan prepares for next photo op by rubbing uranium on his face

Senator for Cosplay Matt Canavan has updated has taken a bold fashion choice in his latest photo op by rubbing his face with Uranium.

Often described by experts as ‘extremely toxic’ and ‘harmful to be exposed to’, Matt Canavan decided to try something different with his make up for a photo op people wont forget.

“I have moved on from coal face,” said Canvan while a hazmat team rushed into the room, “now it’s all about that sweet sweet uranium. You don’t see any of these woke greenies try using a wind turbine to get ready for a photo, that’s for sure.”

“I love all things nuclear. Nuclear power, nuclear families and even nuclear make up. Something about it really just makes my skin glow.”

“As soon as I saw it I fled the room screaming,” said a make up artist, “it was horrifying. To think I was that close to Matt Canavan.”

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