Report: Sam Kerr facing racial harassment charges is further proof that female athletes can do anything male athletes do

Matildas Captain Sam Kerr has been accused by an unnamed police officer of alleged racial harassment. While details of the accusation remain unknown, what is clear is that this might be yet another example of the iconic player proving that female athletes can do anything male athletes do.

Getting accused of crimes is a time honoured tradition amongst male athletes and it’s a really special moment to see female athletes finally getting allegedly involved too. It’s an International Women’s Day week miracle.

We hope to one day see a future where female athletes get to be total fuckwits like the blokes. It’s time that the dominant Australian women’s cricket team copy their less successful male counterpart by pulling out the trusty sandpaper and throwing away their reputation with a bit of cheating.

As far as we can tell there have yet to be any AFLW players caught up in a cocaine controversy and that is disappointing to see. Why else would the ball be shaped like that if not to be able to tilt the ball while doing a line so you don’t have to strain your neck?

We will know we have reached true equality in sport when a female NRL player is arrested after a drunken brawl with the partner of the person they are having an affair with. Let’s hope that day is soon.

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