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UK Police banned from Sydney Mardi Gras

Organisers of Sydney’s Mardi Gras parade have announced that in light of recent events the UK police are no longer welcome to march at the annual parade.

“We take all forms of police violence against the queer community very seriously,” said a Mardi Gras spokesperson, “and these ridiculous charges against one of our national queer treasures has left many people feeling unsafe around stupid bastard cops.”

“You can’t target one of our icons and expect to be celebrated at our parade.”

“The board has had an emergency meeting, and have issued a statement confirming the decision to request very nicely that UK police do not march in the 2025 parade if it’s not too much trouble.”

The move has sparked outrage amongst the cop community, with one spokesperson saying, “This is reverse racism! My father was a stupid white bastard cop, and his father and his father before him! There’s no respect given to cops who abuse power, some of us allegedly aren’t even bastards!”

The Mardi Gras board later clarified that UK police would be allowed to attend provided they don’t harass any queer people, none are expected to attend.

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