Australian politicians exposed for being assets of foreign agent

Shock news in Australian politics as it has been alleged by intelligence officials that a former elected official was competent enough to pull off being a spy for a foreign agent.

Following the news, many Australian politicians have been exposed for being assets of a foreign agent and wannabe Bond villain Rupert Murdoch.

“This is a serious threat,” said one expert, “this foreign power is known for installing leaders into countries around the world, directly trying to meddle with elections then even inspiring an insurrection in America when things don’t go his way. Yet multiple politicians from across the political spectrum abandon those they are sworn to represent in order to kiss his ring. I mean they are basically making out with that ring at this point.”

“These politicians become hungry for power and make deals with this foreign agent. It hurts Australia’s sovereignty and only serves to strengthen those who want to write terribly written, factually inaccurate pieces designed to anger uncles uncles who the rest of the family don’t talk to anymore.”

A representative for ASIO has said they are not concerned about the politicians acting as agents for Murdoch, explaining that “Australian politics is built on being undyingly loyal to the demands of Americans.”

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