Morrison proposes 29th February for National Indigenous Day

Scott Morrison has announced that the 29th February will be the day the contribution of Indigenous Australians is celebrated in this country. The current Prime Minister’s plan to come up with a new date to commemorate the contribution of Indigenous Australians hit a major snag yesterday, after it was revealed the Government was struggling to identify a single date that isn’t also the anniversary of an horrific massacre, death in custody or implementation of a genicidal policy towards the first Australians. Scott Morrison was astounded to discover this morning that Indigenous Australians weren’t treated badly only on the 26th January. “I really thought their issue was with the 26th January. That’s why I suggested having another date for them. That way, whites could keep celebrating the beginning of the genocide on Australia Day, but then Indigenous Australians could uncelebrate it in some other date. What’s so insensitive about that?” “It’s almost like I’ve missed the point of this whole issue,” he said to journalists at Cronulla Beach, as he shrugged his shoulders that were draped with an Australian flag. Morrison said the 29th February struck a perfect balance between him “not giving a shit about the whole thing and well, that’s it really.”

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