Government that ‘can’t afford the ABC’ gives $10m to Foxtel for literally no reason

Prime Minister and guy who blows money like a teenager who just got their first paycheque, Scott Morrison, has today come under fire yet again for giving millions of dollars to Foxtel, only this time with no plan from Foxtel on how they will use it. $10 million was given to a company run by mates of the government with no actual expectation on returns in a deal that many experts are calling ‘typical for this government’. “How else are Foxtel supposed to get money if not from the government?” asked Morrison who previously couldn’t afford to give any money to the ABC to reimburse them for the life-saving bushfire coverage. “I fail to see what the problem is. The ABC has enough money, they are dominate in the small corner of the media that isn’t owned by NewsCorp. Foxtel might not have a plan on how to spend it, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give it to them. You see, Foxtel reaches almost 2 million wealthy Australian homes, while the ABC only broadcasts to a small 24 million people. Clearly Foxtel has the greater need.” “Besides I don’t see what the big fuss is about. How is this any different to the Sydney Airport deal, the water deal, or basically any other deal our government has made? On an unrelated note, does anyone know how much 4Corners costs? I might need to make some last minute budget adjustments.”

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