Former Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce denies being too drunk while lying on a Braddon sidewalk, “that is the most sober I have ever been while in Canberra”

Former Deputy Prime Minister and guy who was even acting PM at one point, Barnaby Joyce has once again be seen clearly drunk while lying on some pavement in Braddon.

With onlookers describing Joyce as ‘clearly wasted’, ‘unable to walk’ and ‘drunkenly slurring his words’, it is reportedly the most coherent Joyce has ever been while in Canberra.

“I wasn’t too drunkkken…” he yelled at a wall, “I was just ther right amoun of drunk, you’re drunk. This is the mo..*burp* most sober I’ve ever been on the way to work.”

“Now if you scuse me, I need a Kabab before my meeting in the Prayer Room.”

“Once I figure out how to get up off of the floor. How dare you floor. You think you’re better than me you fucking floor.”

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