CCTV tracks your every move, says anti-masker who can be easily tracked because she’s not wearing a mask

A Melbourne anti-masker has posted on a video on Facebook claiming that the government is tracking her movements using  closed-circuit television surveillance as part of a massive conspiracy to force citizens to wear masks. She told her Facebook friends that the government was using sophisticated Facial Recognition technology which could only be defeated by covering up your mouth and nose, and called on all anti-maskers to protect their freedom to exercise their right to not cover their mouth and nose, by covering up their mouth and nose. She called on anti-maskers to then take photos of themselves in face coverings and then tag themselves and their exact location on Facebook, as a protest against being tracked. A spokesperson for the government said that the anti-masker in question appeared to have foiled their plans to track her. “Drat it,” said one source. “Without her showing her mouth and nose, it’s like she’s completely disappeared off our radar. We’ve been foiled again!”

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