Abbott condemns Turnbull’s abysmal “Abbott-like” term as PM

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has delivered a compelling pitch today aimed at swinging voters, laying out the reasons why he should be reinstated in the top job. “If I become Prime Minister,” said Mr Abbott at this morning’s doorstop address, “I will give every single Australian what they’ve been demanding since I first took office, the chance to vote me out of office.” Abbott said he had been disappointed over the last two years watching Turnbull quickly lose the support of both his party and the country – a failing which Abbott said trampled on his own legacy of quickly losing support of his party and the country. The former PM also poured scorn on Turnbull’s clumsy ‘Abbott-like’ performance as Prime Minister, vowing to the Liberal Party room that if returned that he will be exactly like Turnbull except with more pauses. Mr Abbott closed his pitch by reitterating his belief that the Liberal Party should always be the party of the common man. Mr Abbott said that if re-instated he would continue to build on his previous legacy as PM, pledging to bring back the carbon tax just so he could scrap it again, and promising to focus only on the things that matter to real everyday working Australians, like giving Queen Elizabeth II a knighthood.

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