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Orkopoulos pleads, “respect my 30 presumptions of innocence”

The former NSW Labor Minister Milton Orkopoulos has reminded the public that he should be presumed innocent of each of the 30 separate child sex and drug offences he was charged with in Newcastle this week. “I do not want to be subjected to trial by media,” Mr Orkopoulos said in thirty press releases the day after he was charged. “In fact I’m quite keen to avoid a trial of any sort.”

“I’d especially like you to presume I’m innocent of the child prostitution charge,” Mr Orkopoulos added. “And if you could still presume me to be innocent even after the evidence against me is presented, that would be great too.” Orkopoulos denies all the charges, and has vowed to spend the upcoming months “preparing my legal defence and enjoying my freedom”.

A defiant NSW Premier Morris Iemma said the charges against Mr Orkopoulos “will not distract me from the business of government, most of which involves sacking other Ministers.”

The Premier said he would take a strong law and order platform to the next election, pledging to stamp out sex crime, drug use, consorting with prostitutes and dangerous driving, “and that’s just in my Cabinet”.

Warning: Former NSW Aboriginal Affairs Minister Milton Orkopoulos is currently facing criminal charges and has not yet been convicted. To ensure that he gets a fair trial, you should only read this article if you already think he’s guilty.

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