Peter Dutton calls to cancel Christmas after learning it celebrates middle eastern refugees

Opposition leader and real life Grinch, Peter Dutton, has today called for the complete cancellation of all Christmas celebrations around the country, after learning they are celebrating the ‘dangerous threat’ of refugee parents seeking shelter in order to start a family safe from persecution. Mr Dutton has spoken out against the historic middle-eastern family, stating that they should have stayed in Bethlehem and taken King Herrod’s murderous rampage on the chin.

“If we accept the celebration of these kind of people, we are signalling to the world that we are validating refugees and that is not something we can risk,” said Dutton after sending Border Force to arrest Santa. “We need to make it crystal clear that fleeing a country on humanitarian grounds is not something we accept here.”

“What good are immigrants like them anyway?” continued Dutton. “Do you know what the first thing they did in Bethlehem was? They had an anchor baby who grew up to be criminal that was executed for his crimes. Do we really want to celebrate a guy like that?”

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