Whistle blower David McBride told he should have tried committing war crimes if he wanted to avoid prison

Military Lawyer and Whistle Blower David McBride has been sentenced to 5 years and 8 months in prison for the crime of shining a light on alleged war crimes instead of committing them.

The Australian government hopes the ruling deter any future potential whistle blowers from thinking that protecting the lives of civilians is more important than protecting the reputation of our armed forces from the damage that could be caused by talking about what they are allegedly doing.

“What you have done is a real threat to safety,” said the courts, “can you even imagine the kind of harm that could be caused by people like you who seem to think that war crimes shouldn’t be happening?”

“Your attack on the poor defenceless alleged war criminals was completely inhumane. This sort of behaviour is not what this country or any of our military allies are about.”

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